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Help People Who Help Animals

Many people volunteer to help animals. We appreciate their work, but we often don’t understand what pain they have to go through, especially emotionally. Helping animals can be very hard and sometimes emotionally draining. Our mission is to help these great people deal with their emotional fatigue, compassion fatigue, and improve their resiliency through training and education.

Besides helping animals, we help the volunteers and workers to deal with their emotional stress because of the work they do. We help them in making informed decisions on how to help animals effectively.

Reasons for emotional and compassionate fatigue

When you continue to deal with harsh and painful situations and you don’t share your experience with anyone, the emotions build up inside you and you start to feel exhausted or angry. You start to lose your joy of doing the voluntary work. You feel depressed and have nightmares. You will feel isolated from your family and friends. You may also have health issues. These are symptoms of emotional and compassionate fatigue. When you experience these feelings, you should do something about it immediately. We help the volunteers deal with this kind of emotions. Here are some of the ways we help them.

  • We sit with them and talk about their experiences. We give them enough time so that they can tell in details about the experiences they have with the mistreated or unattended animals every day. We try to connect with them emotionally.
  • We help you to release your emotions in the form of crying, expressing your feelings, etc. A physical release like music, drawing, writing down your experience, etc. also helps.
  • We advise them to take rest, eat well and take a holiday if necessary. We ask them to do a regular check of their body to find out if there is any health issue or not.
  • We suggest them to do an exercise like yoga and do meditation as well. Breathing exercises are very helpful in letting your emotions drain.
  • We arrange group discussions where we ask the volunteers to share their experiences. This group discussion helps in releasing the emotional stress.

You should always try to feel positive about yourself. You should remember that you are doing a great job for these animals and your society. You should carry that positive feeling with you all the time. That way you will have less chance of suffering emotionally.